Errors/Troubles in OTP

When a member decides to change his mobile device, he needs to disable the Google OTP from within his Coexstar account then enable it using the new device. Please make sure that you follow the steps below because disabling without a new device might cause you delay in accessing your account. Remember that this is a security feature in place to protect your account.

STEP 1) Check your mobile device setting for Date and Time. It has to be auto updated or turned on.

STEP 2) Check your internet connection and make sure that it is not intermittent or slow. Ensure that your connection is secured either via WIFI only or Mobile Data only. Do not use both connections at the same time.

STEP 3)  Use the recommended browser Google Chrome in Accessing Coexstar.Ph Website for logging in.

STEP 4) Restart your mobile device.

STEP 5) Remove any app or games etc. that is running in the background of your mobile device, giving it a slow performance and contributing to the latency of your device. For seamless accessibility, we recommend to have just the Coexstar website via Google chrome the only task you will be doing to prevent any errors while you are signing in.

STEP 6) Ensure that the OTP you will enter is the newly provided one and the threshold was not missed.

STEP 7) Try to access the website via another device or computer separate from your mobile device where you are getting the OTP.

STEP 8) If all else won’t work, send us the error message with your name, registered email, phone number and birthday, a selfie with your ID with a memo of full name and date, so we may assist you in resetting your OTP via our end. When this happens, we may ask you to reinstall the Google Authenticator App.

Do not uninstall then re install it without our GO SIGNAL. We still need to confirm if this might be the best resolution for you

NOTE: Reasons for Errors in logging in may vary with each single attempt. To ensure fast resolution, kindly submit the requirements for security and wait for our team to assist you.

Friendly Reminder:

Do not use multiple devices to install the Google Authenticator App. The first device synched (that captured the QR code) upon initial registration of your account should be the only device for securing an OTP unless this device is lost or stolen and you no longer are in possession of the device. Any Coexstar member can change his device at any time granting he understands the process of disabling within the website and enabling the new device

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