Forgot Password

STEP 1) Type

NOTE: Make sure the link is correct.

STEP 2) Click the sign in button on the website, click forgot password under sign in button.

STEP 3) Type your registered email in the space provided.

STEP 4) Wait for pop up notification “Sent an email”.

STEP 5) Sign in to your registered email account and locate Coexstar email indicating your temporary password.

STEP 6) Open the email and make sure to copy the temporary password.

STEP 9) Click the sign in button on the website, enter your registered email then type the temporary password that you received from your email.

STEP 10) Through your phone, tap google authenticator to get a fresh one time password (otp), then put in the space provided.

NOTE: OTP refreshes in 60 secs.

STEP 11) When successful, you can see the signed in pop up notification

STEP 12) Change your password from temporary to a new one by clicking myaccount, change information.

STEP 13) Type the temporary password from your email and your new chosen password.

STEP 14) Wait for pop notification “Changed”.

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